5 Simple Statements About car accident lawyer Buena Park CA Explained

flip, toss - evenly throw to view which side arrives up; "I do not know how to proceed--I may likewise flip a coin!"

d. To provide exclusive, artistic, or graceful sort to: "They know precisely how to turn a remarkable line or phrase that is definitely certain to make the evening information" (William Safire).

2. (from time to time foll by spherical) to vary or induce to change positions by shifting as a result of an arc of the circle: he turned the chair to encounter the light.

three. To get started on operating or trigger to start out running: The car's engine turned around. The starter couldn't transform the motor in excess of.

= shock, fright to provide any individual a switch → jdm Angst or einen Schrecken einjagen; you/it gave me very a turn → du hast/es hat mir einen schönen Schrecken eingejagt

vi +prep obj he turned down a aspect Avenue → er lavatory in eine Seitenstraße ab ? change in vi her toes flip in when she walks → sie läuft nach innen, sie läuft über den großen Onkel (inf)

? flip spherical (esp Brit) vi (= confront other way) → sich umdrehen; (= go back) → umkehren; to turn spherical and go back → umkehren; to show spherical and go back to camp → ins Lager zurückkehren; he just turned spherical and hit him → er drehte sich einfach um und schlug ihn

convert my response the tables, convert the tide - induce a whole reversal with the instances; "The tables are turned since the Republicans are in electric power!"

8. To vary one's steps or attitudes adversely; grow to be hostile or antagonistic: The peasants turned versus the cruel king.

attack - an offensive move in the Activity or activity; "they received the sport which has a ten-hit attack in the 9th inning"

performance, community presentation - a spectacular or musical enjoyment; "they listened to 10 different performances"; "the Perform a knockout post ran for one hundred performances"; "the Regular performances with the symphony testify to its level of popularity"

tumble - go quickly and passively into a condition of overall body or head; "slide into a trap"; "She fell sick"; "They fell out of favor"; "Tumble in like"; "slide asleep"; "drop prey to an imposter"; "slide into an odd method of thinking"; "she fell to pieces right after she missing her article operate"

alter - endure a modify; grow to be various in essence; dropping one particular's or its first mother nature; "She adjusted totally as she grew older"; "The climate modified previous evening"

a. To cause to tackle a specified character, character, id, or appearance; alter or transform. Utilized with to or into: h2o that had been turned to ice; flip a rundown residence right into a clearly show place.

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